About 3G Yoga Peta


About 3G Yoga Peta Introduction: The 3G YOGA PETA LLP Established Under Ministry of Corporate Affairs Limited Liability Partnership Act, 2008 Government of India in 28th February 2020. as a revolutionary educational institution and consecrated by 3G Yoga founder Dr. Gunjur Ganesh Guruji. It is located in Varthur in Bangalore city district of Karnataka, India.

About 3G Yoga Peta

Dr. Gunjur Ganesh Guruji

Founder & Director

The Founder, Dr. Gunjur Ganesh Guruji was born on 18th June 1976 at Gunjur village in Bangalore city district of Karnataka, India. He had seven siblings. He was from a very dignified, but poor family. His father Sri Muniyappa and mother Smt. Ramakka had eight children but presently only four. His father was not responsible enough to think that he should provide education and bring up his children and kept himself away from the family since his children’s childhood. His mother struggled hard to feed the children, working round the clock, living in small congested house. However, she managed to educate the four kids by sending them to school. The poverty of the family was so much that Sri Gunjur Ganesh Guruji had no slate till fourth standard. His class teacher noticed his interest in studies and collected 10 paise from each students and gave him a slate. His class teacher identified his talent and suggested him not to hide himself by sitting at back. With the blessings and support of his class teacher, Sri Gunjur Ganesh Yogi could complete his education in schools and colleges and today he is Master in Arts with History Honors, Diploma in Journalism, Ph.D. in Alternative Medicine and has acquired certification in YIC, CIC, DYT, RYT and YAI.

Dr. Gunjur Ganesh Guruji left the house and went to social service through yoga in 1989. The search of a Guru made him to leave behind his Parents. He taught yoga to more than 10 Lakhs people free of cost. He didn’t have a shelter to live and even a rupee to spend for food. The 3G Yoga was commenced amidst pathetic and penniless days of Sri Gunjur Ganesh Yogi on 18th June 2004. He started the institution in HAL, Bangalore on an open terrace of a house. 1000 people trained as Yoga Teachers and more than 100 centres were established by him. He provided food, house and training to students in his 15 years of service. From 2005, summer camps were organized every year by him for yoga, dance, music and 3G namaskara for 12 hours or 24 hours and now organizing for 3 days in 2020. In 2010 a DVD titled “Life of Yoga” was released by him. In 2011, a book titled “Yoga in Life” was published in both English and Kannada Languages.

In 2012 and 2013, on Rathasapthami day, mass Suryanamaskara was conducted continuously for 6 hours at Sri Shaneswara Temple in Gunjur. He conducted Sri Satyanarayana pooja and summer camps at many places in the state too. Sri Gunjur Ganesh Yogi has written the books “Gruhavastu”, “Yogave Jeevana”, “3G Yoga”, “Natya Sangeethamritham”, A novel “Janumanda Anubandha” and is the director of 3G Sangeetha Nrithya and 3G YOGA PETA LLP Sangeethamritham Audio CDs. He Has been awarded with “Yogacharya”, “Yogabhaskara”,“Yogashiromani”, ”Yogarathna”, “Karnatakasiri” and “Bharathasiri”. He is a “Yoga Bhushana” Gold Medalist (Gov’t of India). He obtained the “Noble world record” for 12 hours of continuous 3G Namaskara and Pranakriya. His Aim is to educate and guide the future generation to imbibe the culture and academic education and also to guide them to become responsible citizens of the country.